Get up to 75% Off Scooter Parts with The SROA Buyers Club (Scooter Riders Of America Buyers Club)

How Does SROA Buyers Club Work?

By all the Scooter Riders Of America members ordering thousands of parts per month. We are able to negotiate the lowest prices with parts manufacturers. We can then pass these low prices on to every one of the SROA Members.

SROA Buyers Club Offers up to 75% off on every Scooter part in our store. With Your Annual membership you will get the following: 

  • What do I receive with the SROA Buyers Club? up to 75% off everything in our store
  • FREE Scooter and Parts giveaways.  Every month we will giveaway Free Scooter Parts and a 49cc  Scooter. With your enrollment in the SROA buyers club, you will be automatically eligible to Win.   
  • Will I have to pay shipping? When you become a member today, we will INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING on all of your parts orders. 
  • Can I sell parts and make money? YES, Absolutely you can take your discount and start your own scooter parts business and keep 100% of the profits. 
  • How do I sell scooter parts to earn money? In the SROA Buyers Club, we'll show you several FREE ways to advertise and get customers. 
  • Is there a long term commitment? Not at all you can cancel your SROA Buyers Club membership at any time
  • How do I get ahold of support? You can email us at
  • Will I have one on one support? Yes, once you're a member of the SROA you will given a one on one support and full access to our facebook group.  

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