How to Keep Your Scooter from Getting Stolen

by Jeremy Vinup

Has this happened to you…

Unfortunately this story is all too familiar.

It’s night time you park your scooter outside and get ready to call it a night. The next day you wake to find your worst nightmare. Your scooter is gone. Nowhere to be found. Some dirt bag came in the middle of the night and stole your scooter.

Scooter theft is a huge problem not only did they steal your scooter but now you have to go buy another one. 99% of people don’t have insurance that will cover a stolen scooter so this loss could cost you hundreds of dollars.

OK, Now for the good news there is a solution to help prevent your scooter from getting stolen. I highly recommend scooter anti-theft devices.

These devices come on all kinds of forms. You have alarms, wheel locks, cable locks, steering locks and hand brake locks. Instead of making your read my recommendations on anti-theft devices.

I created a short video so you can learn what are the best ways to keep your scooter from getting stolen. Click the video now to check it out.

Click here to order an Alarm

Thanks for Watching

Jeremy Vinup
Jeremy Vinup


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