How To Make Your 49/50cc Scooter Faster In Under 15 Minutes With Only 1 wrench & A Screw Driver

by Jeremy Vinup

Everybody ask me this...

Does this sound like something you’ve said before?

Anyone who rides a 49/50cc scooter will say to themselves at some point how can I make my scooter faster? Unfortunately.. Most people never find the answer to this question.

They end up stuck riding 35 MPH down the highway with cars zipping past them doing 60+. Or they get stuck barley crawling up hills while traffic stacks up behind them. No matter how it happens to you This Stinks! And It’s Dangerous!!

Well my friend this is you lucky day. In the next few paragraphs. You’ll learn how you can get your scooter zooming up hills, Keeping up with the fastest traffic and smoking every other scooter in your neighborhood.

To get this extra speed and horsepower you’re going to need an understanding of the basics of what makes your scooter engine work.

To make it easier for you I’ve included a short video to teach you the basics. You’ll also find a link at the bottom of this article to a 4 part video series where you’ll learn in detail how your scooter engine works and how to get the maximum speed and horsepower from it.

If you’re still with me. Let’s learn the 3 basic components your scooter engine needs to generate more speed and power.

  1. Air Flow – Every engine no matter what the size has to have an increase in air flow to generate more horsepower.
  2. Fuel mixture – Is the same as air flow. The more air fuel mixture we can cram in our engines the more power we can get our engines to produce.
  3. Spark – If you increase the air fuel mixture. You have to have a longer and hotter spark to ensure the entire Air Fuel mixture gets combusted. If you fail to do this you are wasting speed and horse power.

Here’s an easy way to understand how an engine creates power.

Larger Air Fuel Mixture + Hotter Spark = Increase Horsepower and Speed

Instead of making you read all the details Let’s just watch a video. It’s easier to understand.

In the video you’ll see the parts we use to increase each one of the 3 critical components to get more speed and power. Click the video to check it out.

If you want to get a speed pack for your scooter, click here.

If you want to learn more. Check Out this 4 Part Video Series. Click Here to Check it Out. You’ll learn the details on how to make your 49/50cc scooter 5-10 MPH faster.

Thanks For Watching
Jeremy Vinup

Jeremy Vinup
Jeremy Vinup


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