Tao Tao 50cc Scooters. Are They Worth It? Find Out Here

by Jeremy Vinup

Have you wondered...

Are TaoTao scooters any good

In this blog post you will learn all about Tao Tao's line of 50cc scooters. What they are and what they’re not.

Before we get into the meat of this post let me first tell you just a little bit about me my name is Jeremy and I ran one of the largest Tao Tao scooter dealerships. We sold thousands of Scooters per year and with all that experience. I gained a lot of insight about the Tao Taol scooter.

Tao Tao lineup of 50cc Scooters

Tao Tao have five models of 50cc scooters in the next few minutes I’ll cover each one in detail so you will gain understanding about each model.

At the end of this post you’ll learn all about what aftermarket parts are compatible with your towel towel scooter you also get some tips for making your towel towel scooter faster.

Tao Tao ATM 50

Tao Tao ATM50cc Scooter

The first scooter in Tao Tao line up of 50cc scooters is the ATM 50. The ATM is the least expensive scooter Tao Tao offers. It has standard 10 inch steel wheels and basic road tires. The  plastic body on the ATM is a standard body with tabs holding it all together. The ATM is the only scooter Tao Tao did not use any type of vinyl decals to spruce up up the look of the scooter. Some riders really like the simple look of the ATM. While others like the clean canvas to add their own decals and vinyl design.  

The ATM is  the smallest and lightest 50cc scooter Tao Tao offers. This is a great feature for first time riders or for riders that are smaller. This smaller size makes the ATM really easy to handle and maneuver.

The ATM has a dual front fork shocks and single rear shock. According to the tao tao website the ATM is rated for a rider that weighs 225 pounds or less. If you are over 225 don’t let that worry you. I’ve seen riders well over 225 riding the ATM without a problem. However I would suggest if you’re over 250 pounds you might want to consider one of the larger scooters Tao Tao offers. It my be a better fit for you.

The ATM  has a very smooth ride. All in all the ATM is a great scooter for someone just starting out or an experienced rider looking for a scooter with a low price point.

The ATM like all of Tao Tao’s scooters runs the GY6 engine. The GY6 has several different models numbers but  typically you’ll see QMA139 or QMB139 stamped on the engine block by the scooters double kickstand. The important thing to know is no matter what model of GY6 your scooter has. Any aftermarket or high performance part will fit all GY6 engines.   

Tao Tao VIP 50

Tao Tao VIP 50cc Scooter

The next scooter in the Tao Tao lineup is the VIP.  The VIP is one of the most popular scooter Tao Tao manufacturers. You may know  the VIP 50 by an entirely different name. This scooters has been called the VIP future champion the PowerMax 50 or the Tao Tao manufacture namd CY50A.

As you can this scooter has a ton of different aliases the reason for so many names is the decals on the scooter. The  plastic body says VIP future champion this caused customers to name the scooter all kinds of different names. The most popular name is VIP. In fact it became so well-known buy the VIP name Tao Tao actually changed the name on their website to say VIP 50


With all of that being said let’s talk about the scooter itself the Tao Tao VIP 50 scooter is a much larger Scooters than the ATM. The extra length on the VIP gives the rider  much more leg room. This is one of the main reason the VIP is such a popular scooter.

The VIP has the same stock 10 inch steel rims like the ATM. The VIP also has the same dual front shocks and single rear shock. The weight rating on the VIP is the same 225 pounds.

What really makes the VIP  stand out is the body. It sports dual headlights that are covered by a catchers mask grill. Its’  flared side panels with side scoops really make the VIP stand out in the crowd. The VIP also has some pretty cool graphics that really catches a person eye.

The Tao Tao  VIP runs the same GY6 engine as the ATM which makes the VIP a reliable performing scooter. With its larger frame for added comfort makes the VIP one of the most popular 50cc scooter is in the Tao Tao Line up.

Tao Tao Thunder 50cc

Tao Tao Thunder 50cc Scooter

The Tao Tao Thunder 50cc scooter is a step up in class from the ATM and the VIP. The Thunder is is on the upper end when it comes to features and price point when looking at all the Tao Tao 50cc scooters.

The Thunder is the first scooter in the Tao Tao line up that does not have the stock 10 inch steel wheels. The Thunder sports a 12 inch aluminum rim with beefy tires. That offer a really smooth ride.

Tao Tao didn’t stop with the upgraded rims and tires. They also upgraded the suspension. The

Thunder has dual front shocks along with dual rear shocks. With this additional shock the Thunder can easily handle larger riders. The only drawback is the Thunder’s short frame. Being about the same size as the ATM. The leg room can be a little cramped for riders over 6 feet.

Tao Tao also upgraded the lighting system from the standard lights to LEDs. The LED lights really start to set off the look of the Thunder. After noticing the lights you’ll quickly see the sleek look and the clean body lines. Completing the look is the upgraded graphics package.

From its flashy aluminum wheels and graphics that stand out. The Thunder is one of the nicest looking scooters on the streets.

Tao Tao Evo 50cc

Tao Tao Evo 50cc

The Tao Tao Evo scooter is one of my favorite scooters of all time. I enjoy riding all the Tao Tao scooters but if I get to choose I pick the Evo.

The EVO is considered the top of the line in the Tao Tao line up. The EVO sets on very stylish 12 inch aluminum alloy rims with low profile tires front and back. The overall body construction is impeccable. The Evo has very clean lines along with stylish graphics.

The Evo isn’t only a very good looking scooter. It also has the ride to match. With dual shocks in the front as well as the back. The Evo can easily handle loads of over 300 pounds. Tao Tao also made the Evo on a large sturdy frame. With this extra size the Evo is the only scooter in the Tao Tao line that can comfortably fit a rider and passenger.

Even with all the upgrades and being an upper end scooter. The price point on the Evo is very reasonable.  if you’re looking for a really nice scooter that won’t cost thousands of dollars the Evo is a great choice

GY6 139QMA engine / 1P39QMB

All the Tao Tao 50cc scooters run the same exact GY6 engine. If you look on the engine block of your scooter by the double kickstand you’ll see a stamp on the block that reads something like 1P39QMB or 139QMA. If your engine says something like this you can be sure its a GY6.

Most scooter riders look to increase the performance of their 50cc scooter. So let’s take a little time and learn about the GY6.

The GY6 is a 4 stroke engine and it has been around for a really long time. The nice thing about that is you can find  parts for it almost anywhere. Do a quick search online and you’ll find tons of website selling parts. Word of caution the parts are so easy to get there lots of cheap junky parts on the market. Do your research and don’t be afraid to pay a little more for better quality. You’ll be thankful you did in the long run.

High-performance parts the GY6

GY6 50cc Scooter Engine

With the popularity of the GY6 engine there’s a whole slew of aftermarket high-performance parts You can find a high-performance park for just about any component on your scooter. Below is a list of just a few that are available

  1. High-performance Superflow carburetor
  2. High-performance CDI and coil
  3. Aftermarket the filter
  4. The Beast 100cc big bore kit
  5. Sledgehammer high-performance cam
  6. Max flow high performance exhaust system
  7. Raptor high flow head
  8. High-performance variator clutch

All in all I’d say I am pretty impressed with all the Tao Tao scooters each one has its own set of pros and cons but for the money Tao Tao makes a really nice scooter.

This about does it hope you learned something about Tao Tao scooters.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Riding.


Jeremy Vinup
Jeremy Vinup


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