J&J Super Flow Carburetor, High Performance Scooter Carburetor

  • Unbeatable Performance – This advanced gas scooter carburetor is fitted with a precision jetting system designed to improve idling, start, and overall performance.
  • Versatile 4-Stroke Design – The J&J Super Flow scooter carburetor provides efficient support for 4-stroke GY6 49/ 50cc engines and 80-100cc big bore!
  • Proper OEM Fit – These premium scooter parts offer a streamlined fit with 4-stroke moped, scooter and go-kart engines to ensure secure mounting and security.
  • Efficient Electric Choke – Each Super Flow is fitted with an electric choke with fuel filter that provides proper fuel-to-air ratio so no leaks or sputtering occurs.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction – Every Super Flow scooter carburetor is backed by superior quality control and customer-first support. Contact us with any questions.

    When you want to improve the performance of your scooter, moped, or go-kart, choose  J&J Power Sports and always get the best parts and accessories possible. 


Whether you’re replacing an old carburetor or want to install a new, more high-performance part, you need reliability and consistency that matches your specific scooter needs. That’s why we develop OEM-quality replacement upgrades like our J&J Super Flow Scooter Carburetor that helps improve performance while ensuring streamlined efficiency. When you want to enhance the start quality and keep your scooter running smoothly, upgrade to a Super Flow carburetor today and get the best for your scooter. 

   Product Details:

Jetting System to Improve Start and Performance 

Features Acceleration Pump 

Electric Choke (2-Pin Male Plug)

Fits 4-Stroke GY6 49/50cc Engines 

Fits 100cc Big Bore 

Intake Manifold: 28mm (Outer Diameter) 

Air Filter Intake: 35mm, 39mm (Inner and Outer Diameter) 

Compatible with Engine Models: GY6 QMB139, GY6 Clone 

       Click ‘Add to Cart’ above to enhance the performance of your scooter with this premium 50cc carburetor from J&J Power Sports!


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