The Beast Big Bore Kit

Why Would You Want To Ride A Scooter When You Could Be Riding A Beast. 

The Beast 100cc big bore kit is a top of the line kit for the QMB139 GY6 Engine. Made from high quality cast aluminum. This kit not only doubles the horsepower of your engine. So you can reach speeds of 50+ MPH. It is also designed for longevity.

When you Purchase The Beast, You will receive everything you need to install is on your scooter and ride.

What you get:

  • Heavy duty 100cc High Performance Cylinder
  • High Performance milled Head 
  • High Performance 100cc pistion with rings and clips
  • Head Gasket.  

Check Out What others are Saying: 

Steven Cartlidge

Jeremy "OMG" I got the beast parts this afternoon. It took me about 3 hours to put it on. (we in the south take our time) The bike started right up. Now I'm 5' 10" 180# when I took off the front end lifted up and I was gone. The power was unbelievable. I know I still have to treat it like a new motor and break it in. But it hit 40 real fast. THANK YOU SO MUCH... I can not wait til tomorrow so I can go get in the wind.

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