Ultimate Speed Pack

If your looking to make your scooter super fast . The Ultimate Speed Pack is what you are looking for.  The Ultimate Speed pack has every High performance part you can put on your scooter.  Once installed you'll be flying around town at speeds up to 55 MPH.  

Here is what you'll get. You'll first start out with the J&J Power Sports speed pack. The Speed Pack is the first building block you need to make your scooter super fast. The Speed pack consists of The J&J Super Flow Carb, racing CDI, Coil and aftermarket filter. 

The next piece of this Ultimate Speed Pack is The Beast Big Bore Kit and rocker arms. The Beast will turn your stock 49cc scooter into an absolute monster with tons of bottom end torque that will lay you back in the seat and top end horsepower that will make your eyes water. 

Your third piece to the horsepower puzzle is the J&J Sledge Hammer Cam. This HP cam allows for maximum air flow into your engine for maximum horse power. 

Finally you'll get the all new and improved J&J Max Flow exhaust. This exhaust system will open up your scooter and let it breath. With this increase air flow you'll be making so much speed and power no one in town will be able to keep up with you. 

Of course this also comes with brand new mounting hardware, a complete gasket set, oil pump and brand new clutch weights. 

If you were to purchase all of these parts separately You'd have to spend well over $400 dollars. But right now you can save 30% off the retail price that's over a $125 savings.  

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