I've Seen so Many People Junk Their Scooters by Doing This Wrong

by Jeremy Vinup

It’s hard to believe this actually happens... But it does

So many people do this wrong. So we decide to shoot a video to show you the correct way to change your oil.

Changing oil in your scooter is a very common thing. Most people do this without thinking twice about it. But there has been some many people ruin their scooters by doing this one thing wrong. And the real killer is they don’t even know they messed up until it is too late.

Check out today’s video below and I’ll show you what it is.

I really hoped you learned something in this video. Make sure you leave us some comments or questions below. Make sure you subscribe to our You Tube channel so you can get all of our latest videos. Here’s a link to our channel.

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Thanks For Watching


Jeremy Vinup
Jeremy Vinup


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